Are you tired of digging through the piles of paperwork on your desk or in your home?  Don't know where to keep everything for when you need it later?  Does the mail pile up and never find a permanent home?

Check out my tips for converting your file system to a digital environment.

Digital File Storage

Converting to a digital file system may sound difficult and overwhelming, but with these easy to follow steps, you will feel confident in transitioning your paperwork to this environment.  Digital filing allows you to quickly and easily access your important papers from multiple locations, while having everything backed up for extra peace of mind. 

Click below for my checklist that will take you step-by-step through the process.

Paperwork Storage Checklist

The Benefits of Digital File Storage


Digital file storage eliminates the need for storage space in your home or office.  Cloud based storage, such as Dropbox or OneDrive will allow you to have your files backed up automatically and be accessed from multiple devices.  You will be able to send you tax forms to your accountant quickly, and you will no longer have to dig through piles of paperwork or file cabinets to find what you need.