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An organizational enthusiast who brings peace and order to your home, giving you the freedom to live in an environment that allows you to be your best self.  

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Home Organization

Create a home environment that is functional, organized, and allows you to focus on the things you love most.

Financial Organization

Finding balance between spending and saving, while allowing you to work toward your goals of financial freedom.

Paperwork Organization

Develop an organized process for filing, storing, and managing paperwork in your home and office.


Hey, I'm Kendra!

My mission is to engage women who are struggling to keep up with the busy demands of balancing work and home. 

I can help you create an environment that allows you to be the best you!

I started HOPE Coaching to help busy women create spaces that are functional and organized, so they feel less stressed and more in control of their daily lives, and allowing them to spend time doing the things they love the most.  


""Kendra did a wonderful job putting order to my pantry. We have lived in our house for almost nine years and the pantry was never organized. It was quite a mess! Organizing and putting order to things is not my strong suit, so I was very happy to have Kendra walk me through the process step by step. She made it so easy and was willing to let me do as much or as little of the work as I wanted. Furthermore, her natural warmth and genuine friendliness made spending the afternoon with her a joy!" "


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